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Luna Happy Jawbone Family Band sounds like a cult music circle, like Manson's Family Jams. The music sounds like crystal bubbles, I'd describe this as "mental illness pop". Favorite track: 02. there's too much blood in the attic today.
Timothy Patterson
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Timothy Patterson It's a pleasant headache, sleeping in the shadows made by the lights you see when you press on your eyes with your thumbs. It makes fireworks in your head and it makes your eyes ache. Favorite track: 08. oops, there's bugs all in my heart.
the eighth crusade
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the eighth crusade Takes a few listens for everything to sink in at first, but the silk pistol is a fluctuating piece of intelligent lyricism and tasteful rifts Favorite track: 11. i never should have died alone.



This is a concept album about a guy who turns into a pillow and now must walk the world in shame. Also he has a glass tongue so he can never kiss the girl he likes, and then there's always this silk pistol hot against his chest. It looks like a snub-nose .38 revolver. It sounds like a snubnose .38 revolver. But, it doesn't act like a snub nose .38 revolver! This little pistol doesn't shoot anything. It vanishes silks! And, it looks wonderful ... just like real magic! Drape a 12" silk over the chrome barrel of this little gun! Pull the trigger. Bang! The silk is gone!! In a wink it has vanished! You can make it re-appear in a Crystal Silk Box; in a Twentieth Century Silk; or just about anywhere you like! The Silk Pistol uses the same high-quality mechanism as the Viennamagic Ink Goblet, so you know it is quality, and made to last.


released July 20, 2012



all rights reserved


happy jawbone family band Brattleboro, Vermont

we were all born in a bathtime suicide mission. nothing was left but a pair of sunglasses that are still bleeding to this day. at the stroke of midnight you can hear them sing out of desperation.

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Track Name: 01. the wrong wings
once when we kicked about the sun. but it was a fake sun.
once when we grew 3,000 hands. but they all were the wrong hands.
once when we joked about the wind. but it was a strong wind.

i really thought i got my wings right. but they were the wrong wings.
they even looked good in the light. yeah they were the wrong wings.
but then they went and turned to glass. but it was the wrong glass.
and now i don't think they'll ever grown back. no they'll never grow back.
i tend to think that i'll never go back.
Track Name: 02. there's too much blood in the attic today
i don't care much for dissections so put away your pearly gates. there is too much blood in the attic today. you better change the way your talking. you better put your tongue on ice.

it's not right

you found a brand new regression and you put it right in your favorite place. but you can't get far on answers these days. let's put our mouths in our pockets, cause you don't have to know just why.

i know i'm bad a vacations. i can't ever seem to get them right. and i'm not so great at visions in the night. but it's not the way i'm living that has calsified our minds.
Track Name: 03. livin foul
i went to the fridge and i got out a package of fish.
and i took it to bed i said we better get ourselves some rest.

i live on some cheese that i found in a pile of leaves.
but you're telling me stop you say i'm lookin a hell of a slob.

well you throw up your hands. you say i got a smell you really can't stand.
but i'm sayin i'm proud and i'll never stop livin foul.
Track Name: 04. break so slow
a window breaks every time you faint and it breaks slow.
will you break as slow as it? i am dieing to know.
will i find you in the end with glass shards in your teeth?
like an ice cube in the middle of the sea.

a gold fish sinks every time you blink and it sinks so low.
will you sink as low as it? only time can tell.
will i find you in the end, calling for your wound?
like a bluebird in the middle of the zoo.

a poor man dies every time you smile and he dies so young.
will you die as young as him? couldn't it be fun?
will i find you in the end with a mattress on your tongue?
like a light bulb in the middle of the sun.

Track Name: 05. that cruel thimbleful
i could not cry a thimbleful.
i fed my heart to a timber wolf.
i can't use it anymore.
i have rotted to the core.

i've had love before but it was a dainty thing. it broke like a twig.
i've had happiness but now all those summer lawns are thick with fog.

i locked my heart in a silver case.
and drowned it in a frozen lake.
i don't care for those midnight swings.
i have felt that luscious sting.
Track Name: 06. little miss sayonara
well i'm back to the floor.
the floor that i adore and that will treat me right.
i said hello there floor.
what secrets do you have in store for me tonight?
but it wasn't so nice.
it hit me in my eye and then i called my mom.
she said son call me back.
im at this gypsy's shack and he's readin my palm.

well you look so fine with your purple glove.
and your gypsy that doesn't love me.
your gypsy that doesn't care
hang his picture on the wall.
i don't mind.

well i've had fireflies inside my eyes for far too long now.
i can't blink.
put on some melody and watch me as i burn completely.
you will see.
i'll probably eat my wieght in superstitions just to prove i'm living.
watch me sink
well i've climbed those eyes so many times it hard to know why.
i can't see.
Track Name: 07. self-immolation for beginners
well don't now but i think we're swallowed
and it seems we're sinking fast.
i sure am glad that we brought our mattress
cause we're never coming back.

i don't care much for that easy livin
like a candle without a wick.
i've had enough of those cheap sensations
and those realistic lips.

i put my hands on your face.
i can see you're on fire by the way that you pace.
you pace and you burn the whole night through.
i want to burn like you.

put your head in some pitch black poison
and go steal another look.
and if it don't come easy to you
you could always buy the book.

it's seems we're ripe for that sweet connection
and i'm ready for that flash.
i sure had fun on that burning pyre
but i'm so glad to be back.

i put my fingers on your lips.
i can tell you're on fire by the way that you limp.
you limp and you burn the whole night through.
i really wanna burn like you.
Track Name: 08. oops, there's bugs all in my heart
burning buildings smolder in my heart.
you keep em so clean and they fall right apart.
you don't say nothing. you don't say nothing at all.
you snap your fingers and you turn em to salt

but you don't know me when we're apart.
i got newspaper skin, suitcases for eyes, and bugs in my heart.

lunch box lust is plastered on your wall.
i snap em in half and they crawl crawl crawl.
i guess it was drastic. i didn't mean to be cold.
it's just i don't love nothing but my rock and roll.
Track Name: 09. deep dreamer
deep dreamer. deep dream all day.
deep dreamer. dream your life away.
you're so lily white. you're a shrinking flower.
you're the sandman's child. you are drunk with power.
deep dreamer. deep dream on me.
deep dreamer. i cannot see.
you're trapped inside your total dream.
its so all encompassing.

deep dreamer. you're a parachute.
deep dreamer. so resolute.
it's the twilight zone. it's a twelve lane highway.
it's the dream man's curse down by the hallway.
deep dreamer. hidden from the sun.
deep dreamer. you know it's almost done.
you're time ain't never comin back.
better remember where you're at.
Track Name: 10. be good to your gun
i drowned my pillow by the river side.
i swear that pillow's gone all evil inside.
i threw my gun out in the pourin rain.
but some kinds of evil don't wash away.
be good to your gun.

i shot my pillow and i shot it dead.
but i'd have to claim it was in self defense.
i washed my gun in the river today.
but some kinds of evil don't wash away.
be good to that gun kid.
Track Name: 11. i never should have died alone
i buttered you face on the lawn and i felt the seasons crumble.
i held my hand to that coil and i felt it pitch, i felt it rumble.
that horrible cereal noise destroyed everything i ever cared for.
i felt myself drifting away from the friends i was once there for.
it could not have happened any other way but i shouldn't have died alone.

i shouldn't have died in the rain without my trusty souvenirs.
i shouldn't have stolen that key at the height of my career.
i couldn't say i was prepared for the mouths that i could fumble.
i felt your face through that glass and i really thought i felt a tremble.
it does not matter how we lost that gleam but i shouldn't have died alone.